Woman filled petrol worth 22 lakhs for free in 1 year! Owner got shocked…


Nebraska. A 45-year-old woman living in America filled her car with petrol worth Rs 22 lakh in a year without spending a single penny. Dawn Thompson took advantage of a glitch in the software of a petrol pump in Nebraska to buy petrol for her four-wheeler every day. This extraordinary incident left netizens astonished and curious to know about it. After discovering irregularities in the records of the petrol pump, the owners started an investigation. In which Dawn Thompson’s free petrol case was revealed.

According to the report of ‘Top India News’, Don Thompson daily Nebraska She used her loyalty card to pay for petrol at a petrol pump in 2022. Little did she know that a software update at the petrol pump in 2022 would give her free access to petrol for life. A glitch in the updated software allowed loyalty card holders to activate the demo mode by swiping their cards twice at the petrol pump. This eliminates the need to pay for all transactions made during the demo mode.

The woman took advantage of the loophole
After discovering this loophole, Dawn Thompson allegedly deliberately took advantage of the opportunity and started visiting the petrol pump frequently to get free petrol. She managed to refill her tank 510 times within a year, often visiting the petrol pump twice a day. A year later, discrepancies in the petrol pump’s records prompted the owners to launch an investigation. After the investigation, it was found that Dawn Thompson had taken advantage of the loophole and obtained petrol worth $22,000 i.e. about Rs 22 lakh without paying a penny.

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Petrol pump owners are alert after losses
Surveillance footage captured him refueling at the station on several occasions, which confirms the investigation results. The petrol pump owners then alerted the authorities which led to a legal investigation. The police investigation found evidence of Don Thompson using the rewards card 510 times between November 13, 2022 and June 1, 2023. Another person along with him was also caught using the loyalty card for payment by activating the demo. Don Thompson has later claimed that he is innocent and is ready to pay the full amount.

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