Will time stop, will the earth stop? What is going to happen in 2029


Earth Speed ​​Will Stop In 2029: Global warming is having a huge impact on the earth’s environment. Polar ice is constantly melting, many parts of the world are facing a crisis of drinking water, new epidemics are taking birth. According to a study published recently in California, the melting of polar ice is slowing down the earth’s rotation, which may affect the way the earth measures time.

Study author Duncan Agnew, a geophysicist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, said that rapid melting of ice at the poles changes the places where the Earth’s mass is concentrated. This affects the Earth’s angular velocity. The lack of ice at the poles will lead to more mass at the equator, which will affect the Earth’s motion.

Glacier ice is melting rapidly
The frozen water of large glaciers such as Antarctica and Greenland is melting. This solid ice is turning into liquid and going to other parts of the Earth, which is flowing and reaching the equator of the Earth. This study has shown how humans are capable of doing something that no one could have ever thought that it was under the control of humanity.

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So, why will time stop in 2029?
It is well known that once every four years an extra day is added to the month of February, known as a leap year, however every few years a ‘leap second’ is also added which usually occurs in December or late June.

Negative leap seconds
This happens because there is a slight fluctuation in the speed at which the Earth rotates on its axis, which means that the Earth does not complete one rotation in a full 24 hours. However, after the study, Agnew has mentioned a ‘negative’ leap second, which is the first time in history that one second of time will be reduced, that is, 1 second will be deleted from our time.

There will be a problem with smartphones and computers
The professor said that due to the fast rotation of the Earth, a negative leap second may occur in 2029. This may cause ‘unprecedented’ problems in smartphones and computers. He said that after a lot of study, it has been found that the Earth’s universal time (UTC-Coordinated Universal Time) may be negatively affected by 2029.

Problem may also come in 2026
He also said that if the Earth’s rotation does not slow down due to melting of polar ice, then time will start becoming negative 3 years earlier, i.e. in 2026.

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