Will Palestine get the status of full member of UN? What is India’s stand? know


United Nations. India has underlined its support for full membership of Palestine in the United Nations, saying that only a ‘two-state solution’ achieved through direct and meaningful dialogue will bring lasting peace in the troubled region.’ India last week endorsed a draft resolution of the UN General Assembly. Voted in support. This resolution states that Palestine is eligible (to get full membership) and should get the status of a full member of the United Nations and the Security Council should reconsider this issue in a favorable manner.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ruchira Kamboj said in the UN General Assembly on Monday, “Maintaining our previous stand, we support the membership of Palestine in the United Nations and hence we have voted in support of this resolution. ” He said, “We hope that the Security Council will reconsider Palestine’s application in the coming time and Palestine will be made a member of the United Nations.”

The 193-member UN General Assembly met for an emergency special session on Friday to meet with the Arab Group’s resolution “Admission of a new member to the United Nations” introduced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in May last year in support of Palestine’s full membership to the UN. The UAE had tabled the resolution in its capacity as the Arab Group’s chair.

143 member countries, including India, voted in favor of the resolution, nine voted against it, while 25 member countries were absent. After the voting, the United Nations General Assembly room echoed with applause. The resolution states that Palestine is eligible for membership of the global organization according to Article 4 of the United Nations Charter and hence it should be accepted as its member.

Currently Palestine is a non-member observer state in the United Nations, this status was granted to it by the General Assembly in 2012. This status allows Palestine to participate in the proceedings of the world body but it cannot vote on resolutions.

Kamboj said that India’s leadership has repeatedly emphasised that only a two-state solution achieved through direct and meaningful negotiations on full membership status will bring lasting peace. He said, “India is committed to supporting a two-state solution where the Palestinian people can live freely in an independent country within their secure borders while taking care of the security of Israel. To arrive at a lasting solution, we urge all parties to create a cordial atmosphere for resuming direct peace talks at the earliest.”

Kamboj said that the conflict in Gaza has been going on for seven months and the humanitarian crisis caused by it is increasing. “There is also a possibility of increasing instability in the region and beyond,” he said. He said that a large number of civilians, especially women and children, have died in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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