Will Biden win or Trump, who is gaining the upper hand in the US presidential election? Know what the surveys are saying


The race for the presidential election has begun in America. In such a situation, political speculations have also started. Like India, opinion polls are being conducted there too. On one hand, Republican candidate Donald Trump is on cloud nine. He feels that Biden is about to leave now, people are going to give him a chance once again. On the other hand, questions are being raised within the party on Biden’s ability. In such a situation, what are the pre-poll surveys saying? Will Joe Biden become the President of America again, or will Trump get the chance? Some surveys have come out, which can answer this question.

Bloomberg News/Morning Consult recently conducted a tracking poll. This shows that Joe Biden is still leading Trump in key electoral states. However, Trump is only 2 percent behind. Biden performed very poorly in the first presidential debate and was criticized a lot. It was even said that he is not fit to be a presidential candidate. People even started taking the names of Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. But according to the survey, while 47% people like Republican Party candidate Trump, 45% like Biden. The New York Post report says that this is the lowest difference between the two since the polls began in October. Biden is losing in Pennsylvania, but is ahead of Donald Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Biden is losing the state where he grew up
Pennsylvania is the state where Biden grew up. Biden is also trailing in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina. Most of the people involved in the poll believe that Biden should give up his stubbornness and withdraw from the presidential race. Not only this, about three out of 10 Democrats, i.e. people from Biden’s party, say that he should withdraw from the race. Not only Biden, 9% Republicans also advised Trump to step back and give someone else a chance.

Different opinions in national survey
The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult pre-poll survey is different from some national surveys, which claim that Biden’s popularity has declined rapidly after the first presidential debate. Swing-state voters believe that Biden performed very poorly in the debate. Not even one in five voters is ready to believe that he is mentally and physically fit. This survey was conducted four days after the debate between Trump and Biden. At that time people had enough time to think.

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