Why is there a demand to remove Biden from the presidential race? Everyone will understand after watching the video


Washington. Joe Biden does not seem to be ready to back out of the presidential election. He has maintained his claim just like Angad’s feet. However, in the debate with Donald Trump before the presidential election, he proved to be a wet cat. Trump, the Republican candidate for the post of President, kept attacking him, but Biden had no answer. The answers that Biden gave to Trump also raised questions on his ability as a President.

Now at least five MPs of the ruling Democratic Party have raised the demand to exclude Joe Biden from the US presidential election. Meanwhile, a video of Biden is also going viral, after watching which you will also understand why such voices are being raised against Biden.

Biden looked distraught in the church
This video is from a church in Philadelphia, where Biden had arrived as part of his election campaign. However, during this time he had to face a strange situation. In this video, it can be seen that the priest in the church asked everyone to stand up, but Biden remained seated there. During this, Biden looks very sad and distraught. His eyes were fixed somewhere on the left. However, it is not clear what he was looking at. After a while, he slowly gets up from his seat and stands up.

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