Why is America’s love for Tibet so strong? Love for Dalai Lama or conflict with China… what is the reason?


New Delhi: The rivalry between China and America is not hidden from anyone. From time to time, both keep firing verbal arrows at each other. America is now trying to surround China from all sides. Be it Taiwan or Tibet, America is now preparing to defeat China on every issue. This is the reason why America is surrounding China from all sides. America has become hyper active on Tibet. America passing the ‘Resolve Tibet Act’ bill regarding Tibet, American delegation meeting Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, openly supporting Taiwan, supplying weapons… are pointing towards some big game. This sudden love for Tibet is telling that America is cooking up some new conspiracy against China. Now the question arises that the reason behind America’s love for Tibet is love for Dalai Lama or conflict with China?

America is aware of the way China is making its presence felt in the South China Sea region in recent times. China is now emerging as a new power in the world. Be it space or economic front, America is facing challenges from China. America is watching how China’s dominance is increasing in the sea. It is believed that there are huge oil and gas reserves under the South China Sea. Therefore, China wants to maintain its dominance here. In such a situation, how is it possible for America to remain silent? This is the reason why America wants to keep the Tibet front open against China. Tibet is such an area from where America can tighten the noose on China. America will not have any problem in taking action against China from India’s side either. India is also trying to surround China.

Tibet is a trump card against China?
America also knows that the iron is hot and when to strike it. The anti-China wave in Tibet is at its peak. The Dalai Lama has lit the fire against China in Tibet. America is now adding fuel to it. Actually, China has been claiming Tibet. Whereas the people of Tibet are not in favor of accepting its subordination. They have been fighting for autonomy for a long time. China considers the whole of Tibet as its part. However, the people of Tibet have been dreaming of independence for years. This is the reason why America has got a trump card against China. Apart from Tibet, America also has Taiwan, with the help of which it is trying to weaken China. Love for Tibet is a part of America’s strategy. This is the reason why America recently passed the ‘Resolve Tibet Act’.

America is increasing China’s concern
The ‘Resolve Tibet Act’ denies China’s rights over Tibet. This bill has been passed by both houses of America. It is only awaiting President Biden’s signature. At the same time, recently America sent a delegation of its MPs to meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala. America is doing all this deliberately. China’s frustration was also revealed by this step of America. It threatened America to face the consequences and reiterated that Tibet is its internal matter. With these steps, America is trying to show that it is with Tibet. These steps of America will increase China’s problems. China is constantly trying to capture Tibet and Taiwan. In such a situation, powerful countries like America standing with them on these issues is no less than a big concern for China.

Why is America cornering China on Tibet?
Now it is not difficult to understand that China is the only one behind these steps of America on Tibet. America wants to keep China entangled in its own conflicts. This is the reason why America keeps troubling America sometimes on Tibet, sometimes on Taiwan and sometimes on Hong Kong. Why does America have its eyes on Tibet? Why does America consider Tibet so important? So the reason is that Tibet is located in the south-west of China. It shares its border with India, Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan. Evicting China from Tibet would mean reducing China’s dominance in these areas. This is the reason why America is raising its voice sometimes on the issue of Taiwan and sometimes on the issue of Tibet. So that China remains surrounded by its own issues and does not become a big challenge for it.

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