Why does a country like America not trust EVM, it only uses ballot box



EVMs were neither used in America nor was there any planPaper ballots have been in use here since the 18th centuryIn most countries of the world, ballot boxes are still used for elections

Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs are back in the news. Two statements have fuelled this. Elon Musk is considered to be the owner of many companies in the world that run on new technology. He is considered to be the pioneer of the expansion of the internet and new digital work. He raised questions on EVMs and said that they can be hacked. However, many technologists in the world have made this claim from time to time. After this, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in India also said that EVMs are causing tampering in elections. The opposition has been raising questions on them for a long time. The interesting thing is that despite being a superpower, America is very traditional in terms of voting. It does not trust EVM (Electronic Voting Machine).

There are around 100 countries around the world where ballot boxes are still used in elections. In the last two decades, EVMs have started being used in elections in many countries. Now this is increasing. EVMs or Electronic Voting Machines have started being used to elect governments in more than 30 countries.

In India, ballot boxes were used in elections till the 90s but after many complaints related to it, we moved towards EVMs. However, electronic voting is not popular in developed countries like America. They use ballot papers instead of choosing electronic means for voting.

Why does a country like America not trust EVM, it only uses ballot box

American citizens do not trust the electronic system that much – symbolic photo (Pixabay)

Americans doubt EVMs
The Election Commission there gives one reason for this that American citizens do not trust the electronic system much when it comes to something as important as voting. American citizens who trust the electronic system for everything believe that EVMs can be hacked and paper ballots are more reliable, in which their vote goes where they want.

also believes through connection with tradition
Apart from this, paper ballots have been in use here since the 18th century, so it is also seen as a ritual in elections. The only way of e-voting in America is to vote by email or fax. In this too, a ballot form is sent to the voter, which he fills and can email or fax.

Apart from this, postal voting has also started there since the Corona period. Another method is absentee voting. Under this, the voter requests for a ballot and also has to explain why he cannot come to the polling booth during the elections.

Why does a country like America not trust EVM, it only uses ballot box

The modern method of voting, EVM, has never been free from controversies – symbolic photo

All modern countries have expressed doubts on EVM
However, the modern method of voting, EVM, has never been free from controversies. Due to the fear of tampering or hacking, EVMs were banned in many countries of the world. This was started by the Netherlands. After this, Germany stopped using it, calling it a wrong and opaque system of voting. Italy also stopped using EVMs after the initial use due to the fear of hacking. Only ballot papers were used in England and France. Whereas, EVMs were never used in America.

This is how the machine came to India
In India too, voting was done using ballot papers for many years. It took a long time to count the votes. In view of this, in 1989, the government started manufacturing EVMs with the help of Electronics Corporation of India Limited. Voting through this took place for the first time in November 1998. EVMs were used for voting in 16 assembly elections.

After this, it started being used everywhere and for the first time in the general elections of 2004, voters from all over the country cast their votes through EVMs. Since then, this method of voting is being used throughout the country.

Parties doubt only when they lose
However, from time to time all the political parties have been saying that this machine is wrong. The interesting thing is that the losing party always doubts it. A book has also been written on this – ‘Democracy at Risk, Can We Trust Our Electronic Voting Machines’.

Amidst the talks of tampering of EVMs and due to the demand of political parties, the Election Commission of India, on the orders of the Supreme Court, implemented EVMs with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). In this, the voter himself is able to decide whether his vote has gone to the person for whom he has cast it. It was claimed that this eliminates the possibility of tampering of EVMs to a great extent.

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