Why did America feel chilly on Putin-Jinping meeting, said – both ways…


New Delhi: A meeting took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Now a reaction has come from the United States on this meeting. America attacked Beijing, saying that the country cannot have “both ways”. Let us tell you that amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine and increasing western sanctions, Russia is actively seeking China’s support.

According to media reports, China has maintained a diplomatic stance that supports Russia, advocating against sanctions at international forums such as the United Nations and encouraging conflict resolution. However, this support is balanced by China’s desire to maintain economic ties with the West.

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The United States’ comments came at a press conference held by State Department Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel on Thursday (May 16). He responded to a question on how the US views China’s comments where Xi Jinping criticized Ukraine for war. Agreed on a ‘political solution’ and described Russia-China relations as ‘stabilizing’ for the world.

America accused China of this
Patel said in his response, ‘China does not want to have good, forward, strong, deep relations with Europe and other countries and at the same time can continue to promote the biggest threat to European security in the long term.’ He said that America’s stance on this is shared by G7, NATO partners and EU partners.

Despite America’s warning, China is doing its own thing
Speaking on China’s alleged supply of arms to Russia in the war against Ukraine despite US warnings, Patel said that ‘fueling Russia’s defense industrial base, as the People’s Republic of China has done, will not only protect Ukrainian security. It also threatens European security, and Beijing cannot achieve better relations with Europe by continuing to support something like this.’

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