Why and how did the cargo ship collide with the bridge… the reason is shocking, the governor revealed



Last Tuesday, a cargo ship collided with the bridge, causing the bridge to collapse into the river.A total of 6 people are reported to have died in this incident.

Washington: New information has emerged about the accident in which a ship collided with a bridge in Baltimore city of America. Giving information, Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that it has been documented that the ship had electrical challenges. Due to this, an alert call was made. Addressing a media briefing on Thursday, Governor Wes Moore highlighted that the alert call came due to power problems and lack of ability to steer the ship.

Apart from this, he said, ‘We are still investigating what exactly happened and we do not have any answer right now as to why the ship had power supply problems. What we do know is that we have documented that the ship had power challenges.’ Further emphasizing this, Governor Moore has described the bridge collapse incident as a “global crisis”. Governor Wes Moore said that the national economy and the world economy depend on the port of Baltimore.

He said, “This port handles more cars and more agricultural equipment than any other port in the country. Last year alone the port handled $80 billion worth of foreign cargo, the largest in the country.” He said that in the last 24 hours, the administration has worked with the Navy to mobilize all major resources to ensure that they keep things moving.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday morning, a cargo ship flying the flag of Singapore was going to Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo. Then it collided with the nearly three kilometer long Francis Scott Key Bridge of Baltimore and in a moment the entire bridge collapsed. So far 6 people have been confirmed dead in this accident. All the crew members on the crashed ship were Indians. The Governor of Maryland, calling the Indian crew members heroes, said that if the alert call had not come in time, the accident could have been even bigger.

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