Which rich man is obsessed with seeing the wreckage of Titanic, is not learning any lesson from the accident


New York. Nearly a year after the disastrous explosion of the OceanGate Titan submersible, another major attempt to reach the Titanic wreck is set to take place. The goal is to safely reach and return to the wreck of the Titanic submerged deep in the North Atlantic. Larry Connor, a billionaire businessman from Ohio, US, has put forward a plan that with the right engineering, diving to this historic site can be accomplished safely. Connor, 74, shared his perspective with The Wall Street Journal, explaining the importance of proper safety measures.

According to Larry Connor, his determination arose immediately after the tragic Titan incident in June 2023, in which all the people who went to see the Titanic in the OceanGate submersible died in an instant. He contacted Triton Submarines CEO Patrick Leahy, who had previously criticized OceanGate’s lax safety standards. Now he is interested in the project. Connor’s expedition will be conducted using the state-of-the-art Triton 4000/2 ‘Abyss Explorer’ in partnership with Triton Submarines.

New submarine will be used
The $20 million, two-person submarine is hailed as the world’s deepest-diving acrylic submarine, capable of descending to more than 13,000 feet. Larry Connor is the founder of The Connor Group, a luxury real estate firm based in Dayton, Ohio, with a net worth of $2 billion and a real estate portfolio valued at $5 billion. Connor has previously been to the Mariana Trench and the International Space Station. His goal with his risky mission is to prove that deep-sea exploration can be done safely and without accidents. Leahy, who co-founded Triton with Bruce Jones, will join Connor on the mission. The exact date of the ambitious dive has not been disclosed. The new initiative is haunted by memories of the OceanGate disaster.

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OceanGate submersible tragedy
It is worth noting that on June 18, 2023, five people went on OceanGate’s ill-fated trip to the Titanic site located 12,500 feet below the surface. Each passenger, including British businessman Hamish Harding and Pakistani citizen Shahzada Dawood and his young son Suleman, paid $250,000 for the trip. Made of carbon fiber and titanium, the submarine was criticized for its unconventional design and reliance on a video game controller for navigation. 90 minutes after diving, Titan lost contact with its mothership. It is believed that it exploded soon after. This was followed by a massive rescue operation. Due to which the wreckage of the submarine was found near the Titanic on June 22, along with some human remains.

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