Which ad is causing a ruckus in the US? As soon as action was taken, the company dragged India’s name into it



This ad was published on an online job site in America.People got angry against the company over this ad and action was also taken.The company admitted its mistake but also unnecessarily linked an Indian to it.

New Delhi, Last year, an IT company in Virginia, USA, published a job advertisement. Something was written in this advertisement, after which there was a ruckus in the whole country. The people of America themselves considered this advertisement to be racially discriminatory. This firm named Arthur Grand Technologies wrote in the advertisement, ‘Only white citizens born in America who live within 60 miles of Dallas are required’. This advertisement went viral on social media in America in no time.

Seeing the anger of the people, the US Department of Justice and the Labor Department started investigating it. A person had also formally filed a complaint on this incident. Now, taking action against the company, a fine of 38,500 US dollars has been imposed on it. This amount in Indian currency is about 38 lakh rupees. Out of this, 7,500 dollars will be paid to the State Department and 31,000 dollars will be given to the person who filed the petition.

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There was an ad for the post of business analyst
According to the BBC report, Virginia-based IT firm Arthur Grand Technologies posted a job vacancy for a business analyst on the hiring site in March 2023. It was written in bold letters, ‘Only white citizens born in the US who live within 60 miles of Dallas are required’ and it was also told not to share this ad with others.

India’s name was unnecessarily dragged
In the settlement reached in the court, the IT company presented its side on the controversial ad. The company said, ‘This ad was created by a disgruntled employee in India and its purpose was to embarrass the company’ and the company’s intention was never to prevent non-citizens from applying. The company promised that all employees involved in recruiting new staff, selecting them or tracking people’s interest for vacant posts will be given training.

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