What will happen to Donald Trump? Which scandal was he paid to hide? 20 witnesses against him, only two in his favour


The trial of the ‘hush money’ case (Donald Trump Hush Money Case Trial) related to former US President Donald Trump is in its final stage. During the trial that lasted for about a month, prosecutors presented 20 witnesses in a New York court. These included people like an adult film star, a tabloid newspaper publisher, a White House insider. On the other hand, Donald Trump’s lawyers presented only two witnesses.

What is ‘hush money’ case?
Former US President Donald Trump is accused of paying money to adult film star Stormy Daniels to avoid a scandal in 2016. Donald Trump was then running for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. He feared that if the scandal came to light, it could affect his candidacy.

Trump is accused of having a physical relationship with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Before the presidential election in 2016, he paid Daniels $1,30,000 through his lawyer in exchange for keeping her quiet.

Where is Donald Trump stuck?
The allegations against Donald Trump do not question his relationship. Rather, the charge sheet states that his organization made a wrong entry in its records regarding the money paid to Stormy Daniels. In the documents, the money paid to the adult film star was shown as legal services.

Texas Republicans speak on Trump's behalf following trial testimony |  Texas Tribune

What will happen after the trial?
According to news agency AP, the final arguments in the Trump case will be completed by Wednesday. After this the jury will deliberate among themselves. Since about two dozen witnesses have been presented by the government in the case. Along with this, hundreds of documents were also submitted in the court, it will take time for the jury to look at each and every thing. Only after this will it reach a conclusion and give its verdict. However, it is not clear in how many days the verdict will come and there is no time limit for it.

Why is a decision by majority necessary?
Donald Trump’s case is being heard by a jury of 12 members, which has people of different political ideologies. It is important to know that whatever verdict the jury gives against Trump, it must be by majority. Whether it is to convict or acquit. If any one of the 12 members of the jury has a different opinion, then the case will be considered a mistrial.

How does the American jury system work?
If a case comes in an American court, it is heard by a jury. Supreme Court of India Advocate Adarsh ​​Tiwari tells hindi.news18.com Every state in America has a rule to decide the jury according to the constitution. There are three types of jury. First- Grand Jury, whose job is to investigate the evidence of the police. Second- Petit Jury which is also called trial jury. This jury listens to the evidence approved by the first jury. This is also called trial and on this basis it is decided whether the accused is guilty or not.

What will happen to Donald Trump? Which scandal was he paid to hide? 20 witnesses against him, only two in his favour

It is important to note here If a petit jury is hearing a serious criminal case, it is not necessary for all the members to be unanimous to declare the accused guilty. If a jury member has a different opinion, he cannot be punished. However, this rule does not apply to small or light crimes. In America, there is a third jury, which is called a civil jury. It looks into civil cases.

How is India’s system different?
This is about America. The judiciary of India works completely differently from the US. We have an adversarial system in place, which is followed in Britain. Under this system, the judge hears the case directly. If the High Court or Supreme Court is hearing a case and there is a bench of more than two judges, then the decision of the majority will be valid. For example, if there are 3 judges in a case and the decision of 2 is the same and that of one is different, then the decision of the two judges will be considered.

What happens if Trump is convicted?
If Donald Trump is convicted in the hush money case, then the sentencing hearing will begin. According to a BBC report, judges can decide the punishment keeping in mind many factors. Such as Trump’s age, his not being convicted in any case before, etc. If Trump is convicted and the time for punishment arises, he can be released after imposing a fine or can also be sent to jail. It is possible that he may be sentenced to both jail and fine.

Trump trial prosecution rests case after heated day, closing arguments likely next week

Why is there less chance of going to jail?
There is very little possibility that Donald Trump can be jailed. According to BBC, there is more possibility that if Trump is convicted, he can be released by imposing a fine. There are three reasons for this. First, Trump is 77 years old. Second, he has not been convicted in any case before. Third, the case against him is not violent. Another factor is that perhaps the judge may not want to send the former US President to jail.

If jailed, then for how many years?
Even if Donald Trump is jailed, the maximum punishment will be 4 years, because the 34 charges against him fall under the Class A category in New York. This category contains the lightest criminal charges.

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