What I thought was a pimple has become a thorn in my throat, a watermelon-sized tumor has turned my life into ‘hell’, you will be shocked to know!


A horrifying story of a man living in Scottsdale, Arizona, has come to light, knowing about which you will be shocked. This man was considering a small rash on his cheek as a simple pimple, which gradually grew and became a noose around his neck. That simple looking pimple became a watermelon-sized tumor, due to which this man’s life became like hell. The name of this man living in America is Tim, who is 62 years old. Recently, Tim narrated his story in a TLC show ‘Take My Tumor’.

Tim, a resident of Scottsdale, said that he had been carrying a 5.5 pound (about 2.5 kg) tumor on the right side of his neck and face for almost two decades. It was so big that 62-year-old Tim struggled to do even some simple tasks. Not only this, he was forced to eat while standing. Tim said that every day was painful for him and it felt as if his face was ‘bursting’. This tumor had grown so big that it was not only spoiling his face, but was also pulling his ear, jaw, cheek and eye. Tim said that when he was 46 years old, it started as a pimple (small pimple) near his ear and continued to grow for 16 years. Not only this, surgery was not an option for him, because Tim did not have health insurance or money for surgery.

TLC Take My Tumor, Tim, Scottsdale, Arizona

Tim’s before and after photos (Photo Credit- TLC)

That was until head and neck surgeon Dr. Ryan Osborne of TLC’s Take My Tumor contacted him. In the latest episode of the show, Tim said, “I was hopeful that Dr. Osborne was fully capable of removing this tumor. I trusted him and gave permission for its surgery.” Tim said that when this pimple was coming out, I used to try to press it with my hands. But I did not succeed. But as time passed, its size also kept increasing. Usually 20 percent of people with such tumors do not have any pain or discomfort, and treatment is also not required.

Such tumors can appear around the face, neck, scalp, back or waist and require treatment only when they cause discomfort. Tim, who works as a mechanic, was also having trouble with this tumor. He also had to repeatedly remove the tumor while driving. Dr. Osborne, who performed Tim’s surgery, said that tumors in this gland are not uncommon, but they are usually the size of a walnut. However, the tumor on Tim’s face grew ‘abnormally’ and became like a watermelon in size. Dr. Osborne and his colleague, plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Hamilton, operated on Tim’s face and neck for about 5 hours. When Tim regained consciousness, he was smiling and was also fully capable of moving his face.

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