What did the US say on PM Modi’s statement ‘We will enter and kill…’? Made this request to India and Pakistan


Washington. Now America has also given its statement on the alleged statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh related to crossing the border to kill terrorists. President Joe Biden’s administration said that America will not interfere in this matter, although it has requested ‘India and Pakistan to avoid escalating tensions and find a solution through dialogue’.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said this while talking to reporters on Tuesday. He was asked a question about India’s alleged operations in other countries to eliminate terrorists. When asked whether Modi and Singh’s comments could be seen as a ‘confession’ in the context of the alleged murder of (Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh) Nijjar in Canada, the conspiracy to kill (declared terrorist Gurpatwant Singh) Pannu in New York and the killings in Pakistan, Miller said that America would not get into this issue.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said, ‘America will not get involved in this but we urge both India and Pakistan to avoid tension and find a solution through dialogue.’

In response to the question why the US did not consider imposing sanctions on India in this matter, Miller said, ‘I will not say anything about sanctions. If you ask me about sanctions, my answer is that we do not talk about it publicly…..’

In fact, earlier this month, Defence Minister Singh, referring to India’s firm stand to deal with cross-border terrorism, had said that if terrorists try to disturb peace in India or carry out terrorist activities, they will be given a befitting reply and if they escape to Pakistan, India will enter the neighbouring country and kill them.

Recently, the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ said in one of its reports that Indian intelligence agencies have killed terrorists in Pakistan since 2019, adopting a tough stance towards national security. The Defense Minister was questioned in this regard. Prime Minister Modi has also repeatedly reiterated the need for similar action to deal with cross-border terrorism.

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