What did Israel do amid tension with Iran? America had to give clarification


New Delhi. The US told the foreign ministers of the G-7 group on Friday that it received last minute information from Israel about the drone attack in Iran. The Italian minister gave this information. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said that the US gave this information in the meeting of the member countries of the group, in the Friday morning session. The agenda of the session was changed at the last moment to discuss the situation arising out of the suspected attack. Tajani said that the US told the foreign ministers of the G-7 countries that it was informed about the drone by Israel at the last moment. He said, “But the US is not involved in this attack. It was merely informed about it.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also refused to confirm the report that Israel had warned of a drone attack, but said his country was not involved. On the other hand, Iran attacked drones in defense of a major air force base and nuclear site after seeing them near the city of Isfahan in the early hours of Friday. These drones are believed to have been fired as part of Israel’s attack after Iran’s unexpected drone and missile attacks. These drones are believed to have been fired by Israel after Iran’s unexpected drone and missile attacks.

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Silence on Iran and Israel attacks!
No Iranian official has directly acknowledged the possibility that Israel has attacked. The Israeli army has also not commented on this. However, tensions have increased since the attack on Israel on Saturday amid the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and attacks targeting Iran in Syria. US officials refused to comment on this on Friday morning, but the American broadcast network quoted some American officials as saying that Israel had attacked. The names of these officials were not disclosed.

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