We order Manchurian for dinner, but Trump called Biden ‘Manchurian Candidate’, know what it means


Washington: The presidential election in America has been announced. The US presidential election is in November this year. In such a situation, the first presidential debate took place on Friday. After four years, Joe Biden and Donald Trump came together on the same stage. However, during this time both of them did not even shake hands with each other. In this presidential debate held ahead of time, Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on Joe Biden. Donald Trump called Joe Biden a ‘Manchurian’ candidate. He also alleged that Biden gets money from China. Now the question arises that we only know the Manchurian who eats, but what is this Manchurian Candidate?

First of all, let’s know what Donald Trump said to Joe Biden during the presidential debate? During the debate, Donald Trump made a personal attack on Joe Biden. Donald Trump called him ‘Manchurian Candidate’ in the live debate. Former US President Trump claimed that Joe Biden gets money from China. Donald Trump further said, ‘Our country now has the biggest financial deficit in history. We have the biggest trade deficit with China. He gets money from China. He is a Manchurian candidate. He gets money from China.’

Now let us understand what is Manchurian Candidate?
Donald Trump did not call Joe Biden the Manchurian Candidate without any reason. For this we need to understand its meaning. Actually, the term Manchurian Candidate refers to a person, especially a politician, who is used as a puppet by the enemy power. The term Manchurian Candidate is derived from a novel. By using this term, Donald Trump indicated that Joe Biden is being controlled or influenced by China. This allegation of Donald Trump is very serious in itself. This means that Donald Trump wants to say that Joe Biden is a puppet and the enemy country is making him dance to its tune.

Where was this word used for the first time?
Actually, the term ‘Manchurian Candidate’ is originally taken from the novel written by Richard Condon in 1959. Later in the year 1962, a film was made with the same name i.e. Manchurian Candidate. In this film, an American soldier is brainwashed and made a killer for a communist conspiracy. The Manchurian Candidate is a 1962 Cold War thriller film. In which Frank Sinatra played the role of a Korean War veteran, who begins to suspect that he and other soldiers of his unit have gone mad.

Now let us know what else happened in the debate?
During the first debate of the presidential election process between President Joe Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump, there was a debate on the economy, border, foreign policy, abortion and the state of national security. During this, both called each other a liar and the worst president in American history. During the nearly 90-minute debate between Biden and Trump on Thursday night, both made personal attacks on each other. Biden called former President Trump a fool and a loser. Referring to Trump, Biden, the potential candidate of the Democratic Party, said, “I was recently in France for ‘D-Day’ and I talked about all the heroes who sacrificed their lives. I went to the cemetery of the heroes killed in World War II and World War I, where he (Trump) refused to go.’ The then President Trump refused to visit this cemetery during his 2018 tour.

Biden also attacked
In terms of age, 81-year-old Biden reminded that 78-year-old Trump is only three years younger than him. Referring to Trump’s conviction in a case of secretly paying money to a porn star in New York, Biden called him a “criminal”, to which Trump retorted by calling Biden a “criminal”. At the same time, referring to Biden’s son Hunter Biden being convicted in a case related to gun purchase, Trump alleged, “When he talks about a convicted criminal, his son (Hunter Biden) is a very high level criminal.” During the debate on various issues between the two leaders, Biden accused Trump of not knowing what he was talking about.

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