We have found out where the aliens are… they will meet humans! A special plan is ready


Alien Life Hunt: NASA is preparing a new plan to search for alien life in Earth’s neighborhood. NASA is preparing to send its Clipper spacecraft to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa in October this year, it will land there in the year 2031. Europa is one of dozens of satellites orbiting Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. It is believed that Europa may have an atmosphere like Earth and life may also be possible there.

According to an AFP report, ‘One of the fundamental questions that NASA wants to understand is whether we are alone in the universe?’ Mission scientist Bob Pappalardo gave this information. If we have to find conditions for life on Europa, then it can also tell us how common life can be in the entire universe.

This mission will cost the US space agency NASA $ 5 billion. The spacecraft is currently housed in a “clean” room at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. The report states that the agency wants to ensure that it is kept in a “clean” room to avoid carrying any part of Earth’s life to Europa.

Clipper will be launched in October on a Falcon Heavy rocket from Elon Musk’s SpaceX. It will take more than five years to reach Jupiter. During this journey, it will also pass through Mars. Scientists believe that Europa is covered with frozen water i.e. ice.

The scientist said, ‘We have cameras, and spectrometers, a magnetometer and a radar that can penetrate the ice directly. It will extract ‘water’ from its surface and also come back to the surface and tell us how thick the ice is and where the liquid water is located.’

Will we be able to find alien life?
Mission managers asked whether the moon has conditions that could support life. It is roughly the size of Earth’s moon. It also has oceans beneath its surface, the heat and energy generated by tidal forces create conditions suitable for microbial life.

Jordan Evans, project manager of the Europa Clipper mission, said: ‘If we find signs of life there, it will be possible that there may be numerous forms of life in space far away from our solar system and we will not be left alone in space.’

Lots of challenges
The environment on Europa is quite challenging, which can create obstacles in exploration. There is a possibility of damage to the equipment of the spacecraft due to intense radiation. Data transmission takes 45 minutes. It is also difficult to maintain electricity or solar energy here. Solar energy on Earth is about 23,000 watts, whereas on Jupiter it is only up to 700 watts.

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