‘We are doing it immediately…’ What did Netanyahu say to Biden on the phone about Gaza?


Jerusalem. US President Joe Biden recently had a very important conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a brief phone call about the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The US President listed several things that the Israeli PM should do immediately to implement ‘specifically, concretely and measurably’ to protect civilians at all costs.

According to a CNN report, President Joe Biden outlined several steps and urged the Israeli Prime Minister to take action in this regard as soon as possible. According to the information, these measures include opening the Erez border leading to northern Gaza and Ashdod, a port in southern Israel, so that humanitarian aid can reach those in need. Biden also urged Netanyahu to “promote the flow of goods through the port of Kerem”, another entry point into Gaza.

According to a CNN source familiar with the conversation, Netanyahu responded: “Joe, we’re going to do it.” These measures were not just a suggestion, but something the US wanted implemented as a priority. According to a White House account of the conversation, Biden called the incident “unacceptable.” On Thursday evening, “the Israeli security cabinet approved these three measures to increase humanitarian aid in the besieged area.”

This was Biden’s first call since the attack on World Central Kitchen staff, which killed seven people. Biden reportedly warned Netanyahu that there would be “serious consequences” if Israel did not change its approach to the war in the Gaza Strip. US officials have declined to specify what changes in US policy were being discussed in the call, both in the official White House readout and in public statements following the call.

Israel said on Friday it was taking steps to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, including reopening a border crossing in badly hit northern Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced the plans. He made the announcement hours after US President Joe Biden told him that future US support for the war in Gaza would depend on Israel taking further steps to protect civilians and aid workers.

The Israeli announcement did not specify what items would be allowed to come and in what quantities. Despite the differences, the Biden administration has continued to provide Israel with crucial military aid and diplomatic support for Israel’s war against Hamas. Israel faces international isolation after seven aid workers helping to deliver food to Gaza were killed. Gaza’s health ministry said the death toll in Palestine rose to more than 33,000 on Thursday, while 75,600 others were injured.

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