Warning: Powerful flame coming out from the sun, solar storm is about to hit the earth


Washington. A new danger is about to come to earth. Scientists have warned about this. He told that after the strong explosions from the Sun which affected our planet a few days ago, now this week a new and powerful solar storm will hit the Earth. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there is a 60 percent chance that a solar storm will hit Earth on Tuesday (May 14). The agency said that there is less chance of the solar storm hitting the Earth on Wednesday also.

NASA Sun and Space’s ‘X’ handle also shared the news, saying that an M6.6-class (not as strong as last week) solar flare erupted on May 13. In fact, the Sun is releasing powerful flares, which contain large amounts of charged particles that have accelerated in speed and increased in number due to intense magnetic activity on its surface – part of its 11-year solar cycle.

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