Volcano erupted on the moon, such a thing was seen amidst the lava, NASA released the picture


New Delhi, An amazing picture has emerged from the moon of Jupiter, the fifth planet of the solar system. NASA’s Juno spacecraft saw amazing images of the moon’s surface. In the picture, it can be seen that a mountain and an island are formed in the middle of a lava lake. Scott Bolton, the chief investigator of the Juno mission, released the latest picture at the General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union. Jupiter’s natural satellite Io is known for having the most volcanic eruptions in the entire solar system. There are hundreds of volcanoes on the surface of its moon. These volcanoes make it very difficult for scientists to study the moon and its past. However, they look very fascinating.

“Io is just full of volcanoes, and we captured some of them while they were active,” Bolton said in a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory release. “The image shows these islands in the middle of a lake of magma, likely filled with hot lava. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see. The specular reflection of the lake recorded by our instruments shows that parts of IO’s surface are as smooth as glass, reminiscent of volcanically formed obsidian glass on Earth.”

NASA’s Juno spacecraft made two flybys of Jupiter’s moon, one in December 2023 and the other in February 2024. Juno captured active volcanoes within about 1,500 kilometers of the moon’s surface. It looked at Io’s northern latitudes and also imaged Jupiter’s moon Europa, where the icy surface is a stark contrast to Io’s fiery atmosphere. But the new image released on Thursday gathered new visualizations of Io, as the images were captured by the JunoCam imager and collected by the spacecraft’s microwave radiometer (MWR).

FIRST PUBLISHED : April 19, 2024, 19:36 IST

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