US’s tone changed after India’s support, did not repeat the old ‘mistake’ regarding Pakistan


Washington. The tension between the two countries is constantly increasing due to the allegations being made by Pakistan on India regarding target killing in their country. Meanwhile, a statement has also come from the US in this matter. America, which has faced the tough stand of the Indian government due to repeated interference in internal matters in the past, now seems to be avoiding direct interference in this matter. The US State Department says that it will not get involved in this matter. However, it was said that America will encourage both the neighboring countries – India and Pakistan to avoid tension and resolve their pending issues through dialogue.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller was asked on Monday about the India-Pakistan tension. He said, “We are looking into the media reports about this issue. We have no comment on the allegations outlined.” Miller said that the US is “not going to get into the middle of this situation”. It will encourage both sides to avoid tension and find a solution through dialogue.

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The Defense Minister had slammed Pakistan
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said last week that if terrorists try to disturb peace in India or carry out terrorist activities, a befitting reply will be given. Not only this, if they escape to Pakistan, India will enter the neighbouring country and kill them. Pakistan also reacted to Rajnath Singh’s comments. The neighbouring country said that it is firm on its intention and ability to protect its sovereignty.

The foreign minister had given a lesson to America
A week ago, a statement was issued by the US regarding the freezing of accounts of CM Arvind Kejriwal and Congress party before the Lok Sabha elections. Despite the Indian government’s tough stand on this issue, India had even summoned the US ambassador in view of the repeated comments of the US. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar also reacted on this issue. He said that a befitting reply will be given to such interference in India’s internal affairs.

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