Unique hotel inside a helicopter, two bedrooms each with kitchen-bathroom! This is the price to pay to live


Whenever you go somewhere, you would always want to stay in a place or hotel whose look and surrounding environment is relaxing. But it is not possible every time. If you also want to enjoy the experience of a great hotel, or want to be happy just by looking at it, then you must watch this viral video (Hotel in helicopter viral video), in which a unique hotel of America is shown. This hotel is built inside a helicopter. Its interior look will win your heart.

This hotel is part of Moto Ranch at Croom, which is in Brooksville, Florida, USA. This place is like an adventure park, where people ride motorcycles, come to stay and spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place is spread over 26 acres. Recently, Instagram user @tyme.and.andy posted a video of this helicopter hotel (Helicopter hotel price) on social media which looks very unique.

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