Trump will not be prosecuted, Supreme Court’s big decision in Capitol Hill riots, a judge wrote – now the President has become a king


Former US President Donald Trump has got a big relief. The US Supreme Court, while giving a big decision, said that legal action cannot be taken on many decisions taken by Trump while he was the President. While hearing the Capitol Hill riot case, the Supreme Court has said that Trump has some level of immunity. That means now a case cannot be filed against him for inciting the Capitol Hill riot.

The Supreme Court judges gave this historic decision by 6-3. Trump was accused of conspiring to overturn the results of the November 2020 elections while being the President of America. On his orders, his supporters attacked the US Parliament. A lawsuit was filed regarding this and the case was tried. But Trump told the Supreme Court that as the President, he had many kinds of exemptions. Therefore, he cannot be prosecuted.

case sent to lower court
Now the US court also upheld his argument. The Supreme Court said, Trump is exempted from prosecution for his official acts and there is no exemption for his unofficial work. The case has been sent to the lower court to decide what is official work and what is unofficial work. Along with this, the Supreme Court has clearly said that Trump’s personal documents cannot be presented as evidence.

Now the president has become a king
Sonia Sotomayor, a judge who disagreed with the decision, wrote in the judgment that this decision has made the President a king above the law. This is a big victory for Trump before the presidential election. Trump said that this decision of the court will prove to be a stone nail for the constitution and democracy of the country. President Biden also responded. His campaign team wrote that whatever happened on January 6 will not change those facts. After losing the 2020 election, Donald Trump lost his temper and incited the crowd to defy the results of a free and fair election.

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