Trudeau brought a female commander for the army, made her Chief of Defence Staff, know who is Lieutenant-General Jeanie Carignan


Ottawa, For the first time, Canada has appointed a woman as the country’s top military commander. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is facing many problems on the domestic front, has appointed Lieutenant-General Jenny Carignan as the Chief of Defence Staff. Jenny will take over as the Defence Chief on July 18. This is the first time in the history of Canada that a woman has been given such a high position in the army. Such examples have been seen very rarely across the world.

Lieutenant-General Jenny Carignan is basically a military engineer. Jenny, who has been working in the army for 35 years, has taken care of the soldiers in the Afghanistan war, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Syria. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, Jenny has shown extraordinary leadership till now. She has amazing leadership abilities. Her dedication to the army and service has been her asset. She has always been like a commander for our armed forces.

She has also been deployed in Iraq
Jenny Carignan has commanded two combat engineer regiments, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean and the Canadian Division. She has led more than 10,000 soldiers. She was deployed in Iraq under the NATO mission from November 2019 to November 2020. She has been appointed as the Commander of the Order of Military Merit. She has also won the Meritorious Service Medal. She has been awarded the prestigious Gloire de l’Escolle medal.

Jenny has four children and two are in the military
Jenny has four children, two of whom are serving in the Canadian Army. Carignan is going to take office at a time when Canada is worried about its defense expenditure. All the equipment in the army has become old. There is not enough money available even for ammunition. In November last year, the Chief of the Navy had said that the condition of the army is very critical. If this situation remains, we will not be able to fulfill even our basic duty. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being considered a feminist, because he has taken many such decisions. In 2018, he appointed Brenda Lucky as the first female chief of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The last two governors general and official representatives of the British monarchy have been women.

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