Transgenders are mentally ill… What is your opinion on this decision of Peru?


New Delhi: There are different opinions in the world regarding transgenders. Many countries have adopted transgenders and given them a new identity. At the same time, many countries have crushed their voices. India has separately recognized transgenders as the third gender. Meanwhile, in the South American country Peru, a decision has been taken regarding transgenders, which has created an uproar. Yes, the new law of the Peruvian government believes that transgenders are mentally ill. However, the Peruvian government believes that this has been done only to give them free treatment.

In fact, the Peruvian government has officially declared transgender, nonbinary and intersex people as ‘mentally ill’. In the law signed by Peruvian President Dina Bolwart, gender identity disorder in children has been described as a mental illness. According to the Ministry of Health of Peru, this decision has been taken to ensure that the public health services of Peru are also available to the people of the trans community. Under this new law, transgenders will be given full guarantee of medical care for mental health by the government.

According to Reuters, this law was approved only last week, in which it was said that transgenders are mentally ill. Under the new law, now health providers in both public and private sectors will provide free treatment to transgenders. According to the government, only the language of the essential health insurance scheme will be changed in this new law. Its purpose is only to ensure health coverage to them. However, transgenders are now considering it as an insult to their identity.

There has been an uproar over the Peruvian government’s decision regarding transgenders. People from the transgender community have come out on the streets in Peru. They are continuously protesting against this new law. Hundreds of protesters marched in the capital of Peru last Friday and demanded the removal of this new law. More than 500 protesters demonstrated peacefully with banners and slogans and said that their identity is not their illness. They are calling this decision conservative thinking. However, some people in Peru are welcoming this decision while some are heavily criticizing it.

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