This woman posts such pictures that she earns crores, people call her ‘Golu-Molu’, she said- first tell me…


Years ago, did you think that you can earn money from the pictures you upload on social media? There are still people who post their pictures online but do not think about money. But today there are many such platforms where people are making a lot of money by sharing their pictures and videos. Some of these people cross the limits of decency, while some people do all this while staying within limits. Today we are going to tell you about one such girl, whose name is Sugar Love. You will be surprised to know that Sugar Love earns crores of rupees annually.

Sugar Love, a resident of America, shares her personal photos and videos on online sites, through which she earns more than Rs 1 crore every year. 20-year-old Sugar said that people make nasty comments on me. They also make fun of my obesity and give me nicknames like Golu-Molu. Not only this, they even comment on the tattoos I have got made. Earlier all this used to affect me a lot, but now I do not care about all these things. She said that I report some people on social sites itself, but I do not consider it appropriate to read most of the comments. This is because those comments get embedded in the mind and only cause trouble.

Sugar said, ‘My aunt and many of my friends do exhibition work in bars. During that time, I also thought of doing the same. But I realized that I cannot earn as much money online as I can in a bar. That’s why I turned to OnlyFans.’ However, before joining this website, Sugar did many jobs, which included working at a grocery store, providing bank loans, becoming a nanny, etc. But Sugar did not like all this. So she chose this job.

Sugar is earning a lot from her personal photos and videos and is also investing the money in the right place. Sugar bought 20 acres of land with the money she earned. She also has 5 cars and is thinking of trying her hand in real estate in the near future. Apart from this, she is also thinking of building a shelter home for animals, the entire cost of which she will bear herself. Sugar said that I want to live my life in my own way. Helping others is also my goal.

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