This woman earned 58 lakhs in 6 months without a job! You can also do this work, you can earn a lot of money!


The number of unemployed people in India is very high. It is not necessary that you get a job despite having several degrees. In such a situation, people keep looking for some or the other way to earn money. Some open a shop, some become an insurance agent. But the earnings are so low that these people are not able to fulfill their dreams. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about an American woman, who is earning lakhs of rupees every month just by roaming around without a job. Within just 6 months, this woman earned more than 58 lakhs. The name of this 25-year-old woman is Alexandra Hallman. Now you must be wondering what work this woman does? So let us tell you that she just captures pictures with her mobile and sells them to companies. This earns a good amount of money. You too can earn a lot of money every month by doing this.

Alexandra said that she takes pictures of her surroundings and then sells those pictures to companies to use as advertisements on various marketing platforms, such as social media, websites and other mediums. Not only does she earn lakhs of rupees every week, but she often does not have to pay for hotel stays and product use. Talking to Daily Mail, Alex said that after getting a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking at Seattle University, she started creating content for local coffee shops and restaurants as well as big brands like Virgin Galactic and L’Oreal. Recalling that period, she said, ‘I was barely able to make ends meet, I had to do three tedious jobs to raise rent and groceries.’ In such a situation, Alex started thinking about expansion.

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Alex said that I used to capture very good pictures. Sometimes I used to capture pictures of the sea and sometimes I used to click pictures of food. Sometimes it seemed that my photos were like the cover of a magazine, which any brand could use. In such a situation, she started sharing the pictures taken by herself on social media for free. Along with this, she also started tagging the brand related to that photo. She said that I never exposed myself. I just used to capture pictures of wherever I went. Gradually those brands started using my photos. However, initially this income was less. But now all the companies pay a good amount in exchange for the photos clicked by me. Sometimes I also get money to go to a program, along with this I am given a stay in the best hotel.

Alex also wrote a book about her journey, named ‘The Sleepy Millionaire: How to Get Paid to Travel’. Alex also has a website in the name of this book, on which she tells others how you can earn money while living your life. But in return she charges a fee, which is around Rs 800. After her first book, she wrote a second book, titled ‘No Clocking In: Profit 24/7 from What You Love’. She said that I get thousands of messages every day, in which people write that I changed their life. Alexandra said that believe me, if you have faith in your own photography, then no one can stop you from earning. For this you do not even need to be associated with the photography industry.

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