This Vibhishan knows the secrets of Trump’s navel, took such an allegation on himself, the case will be overturned


New York. Former US President Donald Trump is deeply involved in the adult star Stormy Daniels case. Trump is accused of having a relationship with this porn star and then swindling the money away. In this matter, a case is going on against Trump in New York court, where Michael Cohen recorded his statement on Monday. Cohen is considered very close to Trump. Before becoming Trump’s lawyer, he held a high position in his real estate company. It is said that Kohne knows all the secrets of Trump and he was the one who delivered the money to Stormy Daniels. However, he accepted some such allegations in the court, due to which the entire case could be overturned.

Michael Cohen, who was Donald Trump’s fixer, told the court that he had stolen money from Trump’s company as a way to ‘help himself’. Cohen is the most important witness in the case against the former US President. However, now his confession may damage his credibility.

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Cohen said that he had to give 50 thousand dollars to a technology company on behalf of Trump’s company, but he gave 20 thousand dollars to that company in cash and kept the remaining 30 thousand dollars with himself. In fact, Cohen told that he had given $130,000 from his own pocket to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut. However, after this he was given only one lakh dollars in the name of bonus from Trump Organization. In such a situation, he kept his outstanding money like this.

In this ongoing case against Trump, Michael Cohen is the most important witness for the prosecution, who wants to convince the jury that Trump broke the law by hiding the payment made to Daniels. However, now Kohne’s confession in the court portrays him as a liar and a criminal. In such a situation, it is considered very difficult for the prosecution to convince the jury on his testimony.

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