‘This is not a family wedding…’ Billionaire attacks Joe Biden for contesting the election, says he is lazy and not physically fit


Elections are near in America too. President Joe Biden and Donald Trump are seen laying the political chessboard. But in the meantime, such things are being said about Biden that you will be shocked to hear them. His videos are being shared and he is being described as weak. A billionaire even said that ‘Biden is not mentally and physically fit for the US presidential election. This is not a family wedding that the responsibility has to be given to the grandfather.’

Actually, a day earlier, the Republican Party shared a video on ‘X’ with a strange caption, in which President Biden is seen. This video is of an event at the D-Day memorial in France, in which he is seen with French President Macron and wife Jill Biden. But meanwhile, suddenly he starts trying to sit. A chair is placed at some distance from him, but it seems that he is lost for a moment. His mental balance is deteriorating. This video went viral as soon as it was shared. It was viewed more than 40 lakh times. People called it an embarrassing moment and also made fun of Biden.

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