This American steel barge has been silent in the sea for 80 years, it had become a nightmare for Japan


World War 2 American Navy Ships: 80 years have passed since the Second World War. The entire world was thrown into the fire of this war. During this time, such devastation was caused that its debris is still found in the sea. In the same sequence, the debris of America’s famous Navy submarine ‘USS Harder’ has been discovered in the South China Sea. It has been found at a depth of 3,000 feet (about 900 meters) in the northern direction of the Philippines Luzon Island. Most of the parts of this submarine are intact except the conning tower.

The submarine was on its sixth war patrol on August 24, 1944. Its objective was to liberate the Philippines from Japanese occupation. During this time, the USS Harder was lost in the depths of the ocean in a Japanese attack. All the crew of 79 sailors on board also went down in the water. A retired US Navy admiral Samuel J. Cox said in a press release, “Harder was lost in the process of victory. We must not forget that victory has a price, just like freedom.”

After sinking two Japanese ships near Bataan in the South China Sea, Harder continued moving north along the Luzon coast in search of two other submarines on August 22, 1944, and was looking for targets ahead. Then all three of its torpedoes missed the Japanese escort ship CD-22. The two submarines continued to play hide and seek in the sea and finally Harder sank into the depths of the sea forever in the fifth attack of the Japanese submarine.

The search for the wreck of the USS Harder was made possible under the Lost 52 Project. This initiative was carried out under the leadership of Tim Taylor of the Tiburon Subsea Data Collection. Its aim is to locate all 52 American submarines lost during World War II. This project has already successfully found at least six other submarines lost during the war in its first attempt.

NHHC’s Cox said of the ship’s motto, “We are grateful that Lost 52 has given us the opportunity to once again honor the heroism of the crew of the ‘Hit ‘Em Harder’ submarine.” NHHC said the wreck is “the final resting place of sailors who gave their lives in defense of our country and all should honor these war heroes.”

The Philippines was an American territory. It was surprisingly invaded by Japan in December 1941 after the Pearl Harbor incident. By February 1942, the bulk of American and Philippine forces on Luzon Island surrendered to Japan. Japan’s capture of the island helped significantly consolidate its hold on South Asia, although by mid-1944, the tide of the war had turned. The US, while continuing to push Japan back in the Pacific, planned to liberate the Philippines.

The USS Harder, known as “Hit Them Harder,” was captained by Samuel Dealey. The Harder achieved notable success during its fifth patrol off the island (March-July 1944). According to the National Medal of Honor Museum, the submarine sank three Japanese destroyers in just four days and likely destroyed or heavily damaged two others.

The Navy Museum discussed Captain Daly’s bold decision, saying that he ordered a direct attack on the Japanese ship. He ordered a torpedo attack. At a distance of 1500 yards, Daly fired three torpedoes. As Harder passed 80 feet below the destroyer, two torpedoes hit his ship. Shock waves spread throughout the submarine. The rest is history.

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