They want to break Bangladesh and make it a Christian country… Who did Hasina accuse?



Bangladesh PM met Joe Biden in Delhi during the G20 Summit. Now, without taking any names, he accused America of breaking his country.Sheikh Hasina claims that there is a conspiracy to make Bangladesh-Myanmar a Christian country.

New Delhi. Without directly naming America, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina said something that shook not only Asia but world politics. Hasina said that a conspiracy is being hatched to divide Bangladesh into two parts so that a new Christian country can be created. Sheikh Hasina says that a conspiracy is being hatched to separate parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar to create a Christian country like East Timor. She claimed that if she allowed this country to establish its airbase in Bangladesh, she was offered to easily win re-election in January. Hasina did not disclose the name of the said country.

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said in a meeting that like East Timor, they will create a Christian country by taking Chittagong of Bangladesh and parts of Myanmar, which will be based in the Bay of Bengal. Hasina then vowed to oppose any external efforts to disrupt regional stability and said that she is determined to counter such conspiracies. Without giving any more information in this regard, she simply said, “This proposal came from a white man.”

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This country wants to build an airbase in Bangladesh…
Sheikh Hasina further said that it may seem that it is focused only on one country, but it is not so. I know where else they want to go. She said that there will be more problems, but she is not worried about it. “If I had allowed any country to build an airbase in Bangladesh, I would not have any problem.” Hasina accused the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of conspiring against the election process.

China welcomed this move…
Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina did not directly name any country, but given the current international politics, it is understood that the US wants to open an airbase in Bangladesh to counter China. The US is one of the few countries that has airbases in many countries. China welcomed Sheikh Hasina’s rejection of another country’s offer to build an airbase.

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