There were only a few hours left to live, there was a chance to have his favourite dinner, the police were shocked to hear what the prisoner asked for!


You must have seen in films that when a prisoner is given death sentence, he is asked about his last wish. In many places, they are also allowed to choose their last meal. Prisoners like to eat different types of dishes before dying. They order chicken-mutton pizza. But when an American prisoner got this opportunity to order his favourite food for dinner (Death row inmate last meal), he made such a demand that even the policemen were surprised to hear it.

According to the report of Daily Star News website, 41-year-old Michael Dewayne Smith was sentenced to death by lethal injection on the morning of 4 April in Oklahoma, USA. He was accused of murdering two people in the year 2002. He was under the influence of drugs at that time. He was in jail for 20 years and called himself innocent. When he was arrested, he was not even conscious enough to know what was happening to him.

death row inmate last meal

The man decided to eat stale food. (Symbolic photo: Canva)

finally ate this
The night before his death, he got the option of having his favourite dinner. For the last 20 years, he had been eating the food available in the jail canteen. This was his last chance to order anything for himself. Inmates sentenced to death in Oklahoma get the opportunity to have their favourite last meal. They can order any dish like chicken or mutton for themselves and the jail administration fulfills their demand. But when Michael was given the opportunity to choose his favourite dinner, he said that he wanted to finish the food he had saved from the canteen that morning. That is, Michael decided to eat stale food in the end. The police were also surprised to hear this.

This was said in the interview
When Michael was asked to say his last words, he just said- No, I am fine like this. In an interview given to a newspaper on April 1, he said that he did not want to die. He said- “Who can be ready to die, I do not want to die for something that I have not done!” Stay connected to read such shocking news.

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