There is a toilet in the house, but the woman sends the guests to defecate in the open, she even charges money, but…


Whenever a guest comes to your house, and if he needs to go to the toilet, you must send him to your bathroom. Before that you must make sure that your bathroom is clean. So that you do not have to feel embarrassed. But an American woman does a very strange thing. Despite having a clean bathroom in the house, she asks the guests to go to the toilet in the garden (USA woman make Outdoor toilet). She has also made some rules for defecating in the open. After this, she also takes money from them as a tip. You must be wondering what is the reason behind this, let us tell you, after knowing which you can also praise this girl.

outdoor toilet

The woman has made special rules, she takes money from people. (Photo: Instagram/

Instagram user Ivy Bloom of Arizona, USA has only 7 thousand followers on social media, but one of her videos is going viral with millions of views these days. The reason is that she has revealed a very strange thing in this video. She told that she sends her guests to defecate in the garden of the house. But the surprising thing is that there is a bathroom in her house, but she does not allow the guests to go in it to defecate.

outdoor toilet

A pit has to be dug for defecation, and then a marker has to be put there later. (Photo: Instagram/

defecates outside
viral video Ivy told that she has made an outdoor potty area in the garden. Earlier she used to send guests to the toilet made in her house, but then she felt that this was a very dirty act. Since then she started sending guests outside. Before entering this potty area, guests have to wear plastic on their shoes. There are some rules for those who come to this area to defecate for the first time. A pit has to be dug 6 inches away from the wooden sticks present on the ground. Only 2 paper towels are allowed to be used at a time. It is necessary to note your name in the book before going to the bathroom. The sticks placed on the ground show where the previous guests have defecated. One has to dig a pit 6 inches away from it and defecate in it.

She takes money after defecating
After that it is necessary to put toilet paper on it. Then Ivy gives some seeds to the guests, which have to be put in the pit and then the pit has to be filled. In this way more trees keep growing in her garden. Then a stick has to be planted on that soil as a marking, so that the next guest knows where to defecate. She says that it gets very hot in Arizona, so she also gives chips and cold drinks to eat to those who defecate outside. They can eat these things while using the bathroom. When the bathroom is over, the foil has to be washed and left there, so that the next person can use it. Then they also have to give money as a tip, which they give according to their wish.

The video is going viral
His video has received more than 2 crore views while many people have given their feedback by commenting. Many people have criticized him while many have also praised him.

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