The woman had 6 children one after the other, but 1 wish remained unfulfilled, then she became the mother of 2 girls, then…


In our country, people often give birth to many children one after the other in the desire of having a son. Such people believe that sons will take their family forward. But there are some people who find their honor and respect in their daughters only. However, it is not in our control to have a son or a daughter. But such desires are seen extensively in foreign countries also. A video related to this is going viral on social media, in which a woman, to fulfill her wish, gave birth to a total of 6 sons one after the other. But his wish still remained unfulfilled.

Actually, the woman wanted daughters. In such a situation, she became pregnant again twice and gave birth to daughters both times. In this way, after giving birth to a total of 8 children, the woman now considers her family complete. Ariel Tyson, a resident of Tennessee, USA, has shared a video of her family on Instagram. Her husband Michael Tyson and children are also seen in this video. Through the video, Michael has told that my wife likes daughters more. But a total of 6 sons were born one after the other. In such a situation, the woman decided to become pregnant further.

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