The test changed after many years of marriage, the man became a wife from a husband, told the truth to his wife, then know what happened?


People do anything for the sake of love. They take care of even the smallest things so that their partner can be happy. For love, many people sometimes take big decisions very easily. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such couple, whose love story video is also going viral on social media. Actually, this couple recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. Both of them got married like a normal couple, in which there were bride and groom. But after 18 years of marriage, there is no man left in this couple. For the sake of his wife, the husband got his gender changed. After so many years of marriage, the taste of man and woman changed. In such a situation, the couple took such a big decision immediately.

The couple themselves have shared the viral video on their verified Instagram account. The husband’s name is Shaye Scott and the wife’s name is Amanda Scott, who live in St. George, Utah, USA. The couple has shared their story in the YouTube video. According to the video, Shaye and Amanda got married in the year 2006. Both were very happy in their lives. In the year 2012, the couple had a daughter. After 2 years, the second child was born in the form of a son. Then the third child was born in the year 2018. But after this, Shaye felt something missing in his life. He went to his wife and told the whole truth. After the consent of his wife, Shaye got his gender changed and became a wife from a husband.

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