The student died after eating spicy chips, what was so special about it, why were the doctors shocked? It is important for everyone to know


New Delhi, Chillies and spices enhance the taste of food. If they are not there, the food tastes bland and strange. But do you know that eating this chilli caused the death of a student? The revelation made in the postmortem report was shocking. Because it contained a thing that is used in almost every household. This is why even the doctors were shocked to see it. It is very important for everyone to know about it.

AP reports Harris Voloba, a resident of Massachusetts city of America, was a 10th class student. He participated in the spicy tortilla chips challenge on social media. But there was an excessive amount of chili extract in those chips, after eating which his condition deteriorated. When the police reached his house on the information of the local people, he was found lying unconscious. When the police took him to the hospital, he died. Doctors said that the cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest. They also said that his health deteriorated after eating chili with high level of capsaicin. There have been reports from across the country that teenagers fell ill after participating in this challenge.

Deadly like poison
Concerns have been raised in some European countries and noodles with high capsaicin content have been recalled. These are also being reviewed. It is being said that these are deadly like ‘poison’. After all, what kind of chilli is deadly to eat? Is the chilli that we eat by adding it in chips and noodles dangerous? What is this capsaicin after all?

What exactly is capsaicin?
According to a BBC report, capsaicin is a compound that gives chilli its extremely spicy taste and burning sensation. We realize this only after eating it. About 23 different capsaicinoids have been found in chilli, the most powerful of which is capsaicin. Dihydrocapsaicin is also found, which gives the same taste but is less spicy. It is so dangerous that it is not allowed to be added to food items in Britain. Similar warnings have been issued in Denmark and Germany as well.

What happens when you eat capsaicin?
Chilli with high capsaicin content activates the pain receptors. This causes severe pain in the body. It causes swelling. Heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea and even blood pressure can become uncontrolled. Eating too much can cause dizziness and can even be fatal. Now you must be wondering how much quantity causes this problem, so let us tell you that the British agency BFR says that if any food item contains 0.5 to 1 milligrams of capsaicinoids, it can cause a lot of harm. Nowadays it is used in many spicy chips and spicy dishes.

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