The son had collected stones, the mother saw a human bone in it, such a secret was revealed after 22 years, people were shocked to know!


22 years ago, a child lived in Arizona, USA. He was fond of collecting stones. He inherited this hobby and many pieces from his grandfather. One day, his mother saw a very strange thing in his collection of stones. She saw a small piece of human bone, which her son thought was a stone. As soon as the mother saw that bone (Human Jaw Bone USA), she immediately called the police and informed them about it. The police said that they found a bone in which some teeth were stuck. From that, they came to know that it was a jaw bone. The results of the investigation that started after that have come out now.

According to a CNN report, the bone (bone found in stones) has been discovered with the help of genetic geology. The Investigative Genetic Genealogy Center of Rampo College of New Jersey helped the police in the investigation. With the help of DNA, they found out whose bone it was. So let us tell you about this whole case, what was revealed by the DNA test.

human jaw bone found in kid stone

The man whose bone it was was Evelett Leland Yeager. (Photo: Ramapo College of New Jersey)

the bone of a soldier
When this bone was found in 2002, this investigation started. Now this year it has been found out that it belongs to former US Marine Corps Captain Evelet Leland Yeager who died in 1951 at the age of 30 while training in California. It is believed that after that the bones were buried in Missouri. From the map given below released by Rampo College, you can understand where this bone was found, where the soldier died and where he was buried. Scientists were surprised how that bone was found 1000 kilometers away. Scientists guess that some bird must have taken the bone from one place to another.

human jaw bone found in kid stone

This map will tell you where the bones were found. All these places are more than 1000 kilometers away from each other. (Photo: Canva)

This is how the bone was discovered
When the police did not find anything in the investigation, they and the Yavapai County Medical Examiner referred the case to the Investigative Genetic Genealogy Center in January 2023. The bone was sent to Salt Lake City, Utah, where a profile was created with the help of advanced DNA genotyping and it was uploaded to two geneology databases. After this, the database was searched and with its help it was found out whose bone it was. In March 2024, the DNA of the bone was matched with the DNA of the man’s daughter. Then the truth came out.

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