The security guard had not seen his family for 11 years, students helped him by collecting money, the man cried with happiness!


It is most important for a person to stay in touch with his family and friends. Staying away from loved ones is a painful experience for anyone. A similar experience happened with a person who had not met his family for 11 years. This person used to work as a security guard in a college. Seeing his pain, the students got so emotional that they decided to help him. Knowing the way they helped, the person cried with happiness.

Surprising videos are often posted on the Instagram account @goodnews_movement. Recently, a video has been shared on this account in which a college student is seen telling a security guard the special thing about happiness. This video is from Providence College in America. Actually, the family of the security guard (Security Guard Nigeria video) lives in Nigeria. He has not seen them for 11 years. Because of this, the students decided that they would help him go there.

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