The reddest object in the universe, even scientists are surprised to see it in black color.


Juno Image of Jupiter Moon: The American space agency NASA constantly tries to solve the mysteries of our solar system. In this sequence, the Juno spacecraft sent to study Jupiter took a picture of its moon Amalthea on March 7. During its 59th pass by Jupiter, a small black dot surrounded by a dark cloud was marked on its red side and a photograph was taken. Later it was found out that it was Amalthea. This photo was taken when it was crossing Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’. The reddest object in the solar system appears completely black in it. Scientists have found in their research that it releases more heat than the heat it receives from the sun.

Amalthea, a satellite of Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planet, has a radius of only 52 miles (84 kilometers), which is about 20 times smaller than our Moon, but unlike our Moon, Amalthea looks like a potato rather than a round one. It is the 5th largest satellite out of 95 satellites of Jupiter. Despite being small, its importance is very high from the point of view of science. Scientists believe that with its help we can get important information about the structure of the solar system as well as its origin.

Pictures of Amalthea were sent to Earth by the Juno spacecraft in 2011. Actually, Juno was sent by NASA to study Jupiter. This mission was launched to help scientists learn more about the planet Jupiter and how the solar system began. It is known that Juno’s mission was going to end in July 2021, but its end date was extended to September 2025. Once its mission is completed, Juno will deliberately enter Jupiter’s stormy atmosphere.

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 18, 2024, 19:26 IST

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