The plight of a beautiful girl in the jungle, knowing this will make you tremble, she is not even able to get out of the bed!


Who doesn’t know Rosie Moore, who lives in Florida, America? She is considered the world’s most glamorous scientist. Every day she shares her hot pictures on social media, in which sometimes she gets herself bitten by a snake, and sometimes she goes inside the sea and watches big fishes closely. Rosie is an animal expert, due to which she posts such photos on social media. Her fan following is also tremendous. But recently this beautiful beauty had a misfortune in the jungle, knowing about which will make your body and mind tremble. Rosie has shared the story of her horrific plight on Instagram.

Biologist Rosie has revealed that she has been suffering from severe dengue fever. She got this disease last month (May), which she has described as “fatal”. She said that due to high fever caused by dengue, it is difficult to even get out of bed. It is a struggle to keep oneself cool. But despite her suffering, she encouraged people to go out and “see more remote parts of the world”. Rosie said that apart from dengue, she has also got an infection in her eyes. Her eye started hurting after “a lot of insect bites” during a trip to South America.

Not only did Rosie have an infection in her eyes due to insect bites, but she also had a terrible rash on her stomach. She is constantly taking medicines to get rid of the pain and fever. She said that she was drinking Tylenol in pain and fever like no one else could. She said that there is some relief now, but I did not want to make this issue big by telling people about it in the beginning. In the caption of her post, Rosie said, “Dengue can prove to be very fatal, while there is no specific treatment for it. I am constantly taking medicines. I did not feel hungry due to dengue, even though we used to walk 5-12 miles a day. I did not want to scare people by telling them about my health.

Although Rosie is recovering now, dengue is a very dangerous disease. It spreads due to mosquito bites. Usually there is no specific treatment for it other than taking fever medicine. Due to this, platelets also start decreasing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 crore to 40 crore people are infected with dengue every year worldwide. According to the WHO report, 7300 deaths occurred due to dengue in the year 2023. Let us tell you that Rosie, who lives in Florida, America, is also called a glam scientist, who is also known as a model.

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