The plane took off in 1955, landed 30 years later, the story of Flight 914 is mysterious! Know what is the truth


When it comes to time travel, people make different kinds of claims. Some say that time travel is a reality, some say that it is just a rumour. If we believe the claims of scientists, then it is known that time travel is not possible at present, but it may become possible in the future. However, for years people have been telling stories related to it. But the story related to a flight is so interesting that you will get goosebumps after listening to it. This is also based on time travel (American flight time travel). Many people in the world believe it as true, but its truth is something else. The news related to this flight is completely false, which is being spread for years as true.

According to a 2021 report by news agency AFP, Flight 914 is widely discussed in countries like Kenya and India. Many such posts were going viral on social media, which mentioned about this flight. First you should know what claims are made about the flight, after that we will tell you the whole truth about it.

Flight 914

Screenshot of the article first published in May 1985. (Photo: AFP)

Flight landed after 30 years
According to the viral posts, Flight 914 took off from New York, USA in 1955. But nobody knows what happened to the flight that it disappeared in the air. No trace of that plane was found. There were 57 passengers on the flight. After that, nobody knows what happened in the sky and that plane disappeared. No one got any information about it. But suddenly one day in 1985, this flight contacts the air traffic control of Miami and asks to land. The air traffic control people are also surprised to hear the information. When the flight lands, it is revealed that this is the same Pan Am flight 914 that disappeared 30 years ago.

What is the truth of the news?
According to the report of news agency AFP, the claim of the flight disappearing is false. No such case was reported. Rather, this information was first published in 1985 in the American print tabloid, Weekly World News. Many fictional stories used to be published in this tabloid. This was just one of them, which people believed to be true and started publishing it in different newspapers and magazines. You can read the complete news related to AFP Fact Check here Click You can read the tax.

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