The plane flew for 9 hours, 300 people were sitting inside, but it did not land anywhere! Returned home after traveling 7000 km


Imagine you are going to meet a relative by flight. You are very excited to go there, you are taking special things for them. You stay in the plane for 9 hours, travel 7000 kilometers, but when you get down from the plane, you reach the same place from where you started the journey, how will you feel? Of course you will be disappointed. Recently, passengers of British Airways (British Airways flight to nowhere) also faced similar disappointment, who were in the flight for 9 hours but instead of reaching their destination, they returned to their home.

According to the report of the New York Post website, on Monday morning, British Airways flight 195 was going from London to Houston in America (London to Houston flight return). This journey takes 10 hours and 20 minutes. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner plane had taken off from London. It was in the air for 5 hours. It was reaching the coast of Newfoundland. Meanwhile, the plane had crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean. There was not much journey left. But suddenly the plane was turned by the pilot and it started returning. It was told that the plane was being turned due to a minor technical flaw.

british airways flight to nowhere

From the map you can understand where the plane traveled and then returned from. Actually it had to go further. (Photo: Canva)

The plane returned to the place from where it took off
After this, the plane again crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean and reached London. In this way, the plane remained in the air for about 9 hours and covered a distance of 7000 kilometers in going and coming back. There were 300 passengers in the plane who were disappointed that they returned to the same place from where they had started their journey. According to Fox News, the plane was landed safely. The airline did not mention the problem but sources revealed that there was some defect in the engine of the jet. Because of that, there would have been no problem in this flight of the plane, it would have reached America but there could have been a problem in the next flight, due to this it was better to return the plane.

The airline apologized to the passengers
The airline said that they apologized to the passengers and provided them booking on the next flight, also provided them accommodation and assured them that if they suffered any loss, they would be compensated for it. Travel experts of the One Mile at a Time website speculated that the flight must have been returned to London because the manufacturer of the engine was Rolls Royce and British Airways had a contract with Rolls Royce. All the inputs and facilities related to the contract must have been at Heathrow Airport, England, due to which the plane must have been returned.

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