The grave was being excavated, then treasure started coming out of the ground, shocking secrets were found


Treasure Of Gold Found: Excavations at an archaeological site in Panama, Central America have unearthed a treasure of gold and some sacrificial items. Researchers have dated the gold treasure to be 1200 years old. The site is an ancient tomb of a god filled with sacrificial victims. It bears evidence of the burial of the community’s leader along with dozens of other individuals. A press release said, “It seems that other people must have died along with the leader to accompany him.”

It is being told that the researchers have discovered five pectoral bones, two belts of circular gold beads, four bracelets, two human shaped earrings (one male and one female), one double crocodile shaped earring. They also found a necklace of small circular beads, five gold whale tooth earrings, two bells, bracelets and skirts made of dog teeth, and a set of bone flutes.

Fire returned in the desert again, ‘devastation’ started all around, people were frightened.

National Director of Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, Lynette Montenegro, said in a press release that “It is not only of economic value, but it is also of incomparable historical and cultural value.” Dr. Julia Mayo, head of the mission, said that the collection we have found may belong to the head of Rio (a form of government) of that time or a person of high status. This tomb was built around 750 AD.

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