The girl who disappeared from the bus stand years ago, returned home after 39 years, but her mother is not able to believe her, know the reason!


It was the year 1985. The date was 22nd February. When a school bus dropped an 8 year old girl near the bus stand near her house. But the girl could not reach her home. No one knew where she suddenly disappeared. Those who saw the innocent girl for the last time told that a mysterious blue coloured 1976 Dodge van was parked near the bus stand, near which the girl was. Strange drawings were made on that van. The police was also informed about it, but nothing was found out. The case is from Winfield Township of Pennsylvania in America. The girl’s name was Cherrie Mahan, whom a mother lost. But now after 39 years, that girl suddenly appeared in front of everyone as a 46 year old woman.

The woman calling herself Cherry claimed that she is the same girl who disappeared more than 39 years ago, but her mother does not believe it. Cherry’s mother Janice McKinney has reportedly rejected the woman’s claim that she is her long-lost daughter, who is now 46 years old. While talking to local news outlet The Eagle, Cherry’s mother McKinney expressed her doubts and said, “I do not believe that girl at all. Maybe she must have thought in her mind that she is Cherry, while she does not look like Cherry at all.” However, this is not the first time that a woman has called herself Cherry. Earlier, three other women have also claimed to be Cherry.

In fact, a new twist came in this case when last month an anonymous woman posted on the “Memories of Cherry Mahan” Facebook group and called herself Cherry, after which the police had to investigate her surprising claims. It is said that in search of Cherry, her mother had announced a reward of 5,000 dollars (about 4 lakh 17 thousand rupees) to the person giving information about Cherry. Despite this, no information was received. Cherry’s mother McKinney said that as the date of my daughter’s disappearance or her birthday comes closer, often information is given about her being found. But in reality nothing like this happens.

In the midst of all this, the Facebook post of the person who identified himself as Cherry has been removed by the Pennsylvania Police. At the same time, efforts are being made to identify the woman who identified herself as Cherry and are contacting an external agency from another state. Expressing her pain, McKinney said that I have always kept hope for my missing daughter. She said, “I always feel that she is fine. I don’t know why I am feeling this way. But I want all the investigators looking into Cherry’s case to get together and sit down and talk about this. Somewhere, someone has made a mistake, and someone knows about it.”

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