The echo of JNU’s ‘freedom’ reached the US, Columbia University had to be locked down


Colombia. ‘What do we want, freedom… freedom for Palestine… we will snatch freedom… freedom is our right…’ These slogans, reminiscent of Delhi’s famous Jawaharlal Nehru University, are now echoing in America’s famous Columbia University.

In fact, many students are demonstrating in support of Palestine in many top universities of America these days. In this episode, slogans were raised in support of Palestine in Columbia University as well. These pro-Palestine students are protesting against the Israeli attack and are demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and stopping the aid being given by America to the Jewish country.

According to the official statement released by the New York Police Department and some eyewitnesses, police officers were attacked by protesters. One of them was hit with a chair, while bottles were thrown at others. The NYPD said, “Officers were targeted with projectiles and one officer was hit with a chair.”

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On April 18, the New York Police took action against these protesters and arrested more than 100 students. However, this action had the opposite effect and the students started protesting in other universities in solidarity. This protest started in Columbia University and soon spread to other campuses in America.

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After this, on April 22, Yale University also called the police, who arrested about 40 people. Due to this increasing tension and security concerns, Columbia University was forced to lock the campus gates and transfer its classes online.

However, this move seems to be costly for Columbia University, as many parents are criticizing the decision to conduct classes online instead of online classes on its main campus during the last weeks of the semester. These critics have called on parents to demand tuition refunds from the university administration.

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