The dog suddenly started digging behind the house, found such a thing in the ground, the family ran away


New Delhi. A strange case has come to light in Florida, USA. Actually, what happened was that the family’s pet dog was playing behind the house. Suddenly he started digging the ground. While digging, such an object came out of the ground, due to which the family was shocked. Immediately the police had to be called on the spot. A live bomb buried for decades was found inside the ground. Later it was defused. According to the police, the homeowner Matthew Sims said that his pet dog named Baby was playing in the back of the house in Jacksonville, Florida. During this time, he dug out some rusty object near the fence line.

Speaking to media house ‘Fox 30’, Sims said, “I couldn’t tell what it was until I started pulling it up. Once I pulled it halfway out, I thought oh, I know what it is. I slowly put it back down.” Everyone, including the family, retreated from there. The metal object discovered was actually an unexploded military bomb, which was decades old. Recalling the incident that took place on March 20, he said that the first thought that came to my mind with panic was whether this bomb is still live.

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The bomb was buried for decades
Sims carefully placed the weapon in the same place where his dog found it and then called the police. He said the bomb weighed about 10 pounds and was about a foot long. According to a police report, things on the weapon indicated that the bomb had been underground for years. It is believed that this bomb may be from the time of World War II, which has been buried here for decades.

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