The couple was getting their house repaired, when they found a 50-year-old treasure in the kitchen, their luck changed overnight!


Treasure Found Inside the House: No one can say when someone’s luck will change. Sometimes someone loses crores in a moment, while some people earn crores and billions of rupees. We get to read and hear such news every day. Something similar happened with a couple living in America. That too, when they were getting their house repaired. During that time, they found a hidden treasure in the kitchen, after seeing which their happiness knew no bounds. This treasure was locked inside a safe in the kitchen wall. The couple shared this story on social media, after which it went viral.

A woman from Phoenix City, America, shared her story on the social media site Imgur and wrote that we were getting our house renovated. Some demolition was also done, and during that time we started seeing this safe inside the kitchen. Initially, we did not understand what was in it and how to open it. When these people started looking at the safe after turning it over, they found a code written on the back. As soon as they entered the code, the safe opened after a few attempts. About 43 lakh rupees were recovered from inside. Apart from this, there were many surprising things.

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Bundles of 100 dollar notes, some documents and an old liquor bottle were found inside the safe.

The woman did not reveal her name, but she said that most of the money inside the safe was in 100 dollar notes. Apart from this, there was also a bottle of wine made in 1960 and a book. The name of that book was ‘A Guide for the Perplexed’, which was written by EF Schumacher in 1977.

Not only this, there was a black and white photo of a mystery man inside the book, behind which was written that Alan, I have a book, which you must read. Apart from this, many other things were found. This has been going viral on social media for a long time. However, when we investigated this news, we found that the matter is from 2015.

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