The air hostess who worked for 67 years, did not retire while she was alive, died at the age of 88!


People often think that the job of an air hostess is very easy. They just have to serve food to people and travel around the world by flight. But they do not understand that their responsibility extends from the passengers to the people inside the flight as well. When it comes to air hostesses, you might think of young girls, but have you heard about an elderly woman who worked as America’s longest serving air hostess (World’s longest serving flight attendant)? The woman worked for 67 years, she never retired. Now that she has left this world, her company is remembering her.

my son has Down syndrome
Her favourite flight was between Washington DC and Boston, which she used to travel to her home in Virginia to take care of her son who had Down syndrome. According to the Daily Mail, Betty once said that she had no plans to retire because she loved her job so much. At the time when she started her career, flight tickets used to cost just Rs. 1000.

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 30, 2024, 09:01 IST

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