Take up arms…the third world war is about to start, ‘Army Chief’ warns, China will attack along with these countries


China’s aggression has already alerted the rich countries. They are fearing the Third World War every moment. The fear is so much that the US and European countries are stockpiling arms and ammunition. They are recruiting soldiers. They are giving training to deal with air war and nuclear attack. Meanwhile, Britain’s former Army Chief has made such a prediction that is going to scare the whole world. General Sir Patrick Sanders said, NATO and European countries should take up arms because the Third World War is about to start. China is planning to attack along with Russia and Iran. If we are not cautious, then defeat is certain.

According to General Sir Patrick Sanders, the ‘nexus’ of Russia, China and Iran is becoming a bigger threat than the Nazis in 1939. They are stronger and more united than before. Talking to The Times, he said, Russia cannot defeat us in a war, but if Britain and its allies do not take up arms and do not remove the shortcomings, then this danger will keep increasing. It is capable of attacking in the same way as it did on Ukraine. That is why we have to strengthen our armies. People will also have to be trained to use weapons. Britain’s armies are not strong enough for war.

You will have to learn to pick up a weapon and use it
Sir Patrick Sanders said, we do not have the strength to attack anywhere else like we did on Iraq in 2003. We captured the Falkland Islands in 1982. But now we do not have that kind of task force. Earlier, a senior officer of the Defense Ministry had also warned that if Britain is attacked, it is not ready to fight and win. Sanders considered this a very serious situation. He said, this is not going to last for very long. We will have to learn to pick up and use weapons. We will have to learn to respond to attacks.

China is the only reason behind war everywhere
Britain’s former army chief indicated that wherever there is war in the world, China, Russia and Iran are behind it. Be it the Israel-Hamas issue or Ukraine. Be it the Middle East issue or the unrest in South Asia. China is showing its dominance everywhere and is repeatedly provoking Western countries for war. It is promoting North Korea as well as Iran. Its relations with Russia are at a very dangerous level. On the other hand, Russia’s aggression can turn into war anytime. Ukraine is being attacked so much from the sky that it is not able to defend itself. After all, how long will we keep protecting it by giving weapons.

350,000 soldiers will have to be recruited
Meanwhile, NATO has demanded to increase the number of soldiers and air defense system. NATO says that if it has to win the war, then it needs 35-50 more brigades. A brigade can have 3,000 to 7,000 soldiers. Therefore, forming additional 35-50 brigades means that 350,000 soldiers will have to be recruited. After the Cold War, NATO countries had reduced anti-aircraft defense systems because they did not feel any threat. But in the current situation, we will have to deploy more missiles and anti-aircraft defense systems. We will have to stock up ammunition.

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