Such a thing fell on the house from the sky, the person was shocked, he sued NASA


Washington. Many records are registered in the name of American space agency NASA. People take the name of this agency with great respect in the field of space science. However, now NASA has given a big shock to a person, after which he has filed a case against the space agency. This person is a resident of Naples, Florida, USA. He has demanded compensation of 80,000 dollars i.e. about 67 lakh rupees from NASA.

According to media reports, this incident happened on March 8 this year. A huge piece of debris from space fell on Aleandro Otero’s house in Naples. This debris created a hole from the roof to the floor of his house.

700 grams of goods and so much loss
At the time of this incident, Aleandro had gone for a holiday with his family. Only his son Daniel was present at home, who called him and told him about this. Otera told the local TV channel, ‘I was trembling after hearing this. I was completely shocked. I was wondering what thing fell on our house with such force, causing so much damage.’

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When Aleandro reached home, he saw a cylinder of 4*1.6 inches, which weighed about 1.6 pounds i.e. about 700 grams. He was wondering where this thing came from, which destroyed his house.

Cylinder ran in 2021, fell in 2024
NASA later confirmed that the cylinder had fallen from its space station. It said it was used to mount old batteries on a cargo pallet. It was released from the space station in 2021. Such objects burn completely as soon as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, however this one piece survived and fell on the property of the Otero family after hovering in space for about 3 years.

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On the other hand, Micah Nguyen Worthy, the lawyer of the Otaira family, stressed the seriousness of the issue and said, ‘My clients are demanding adequate compensation for the stress and impact of this incident on their lives. They are thankful that no one was physically injured in this incident, but such a situation could have been horrific. If the debris had fallen a few feet away in the other direction, it could have caused serious injury or death.’

Worthy also said that the aim of this case is to set a precedent for space debris claims in both private and public sectors. At the same time, NASA has been given six months to respond to the compensation demanded by the Otero family in this case.

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